To HD or not to HD?


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Aug 10, 2019
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With the end of year bonus coming very shortly, its funny how I now want HD!!!

My system comprises of :

Yamaha Dolby Digital/ DTS AV AMP receiver

Pioneer DVD

TDL Studio 10 Floorstanders

Mordaunt Short Centre and rears

Samsung 50 Inch 1080 Screen.

So do I now hand over my hard earned dosh for a Blue Ray player?? Or do I hold on for the 3rd generation players later this year??? Do I turn away from the warm sounding Yamaha AMP that drives Movie soundtracks with detailed precison and music like I am back at the Camden Roundhouse for the Onkyo 605 that seems to be making everyones neck hair stand up ?????

Will the Onkyo make my Virgin TV all the much needed improvement? and upscale my dvd's on my true HD screen?? or will I only be satisfied when I have the AMP and the Blue Ray ????

Lets open it up ? what do YOU think ?


Well depending on what you have may well answer most of the questions.

I've just 'upgraded' from a Pioneer VSX AX3 to the Onkyo605, my initial impressions were to be fair a little mixed, i wasn't sure i'd made the right move from what was an £800 receiver to a £400 one; should i have gone for the 875 Onkyo i thought.....

Well it's been a few days now and my opinions is i've made exactly the right move, the Onkyo really does sound fantastic, the HDMI switching is a godsend and the HD Audio formats are amazing, so all in all highly delighted. Admittadly i think the Pioneer had perhaps a more articulate sound, despite its age by comparison, but the full bodied warmth of the Onkyo has definately won me over, and it would seem many others too.


I don't know about thy Onkyo 605, but I had the 505. I had to upgrade, and bought a Sony STRDA 5200ES and the 5.1 sound from this amp which now costs £400 is staggering.