Time to replace MS 3.10s?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello Audiophiles,

I'm new to this forum but first picked up a copy of What Hi-Fi in 1991 (I think), so it's been a love of sorts for quite a while.

Since moving house recently, and putting my hifi into a larger room, I've found that my Mordaunt Short MS 3.10 speakers are not quite up to it any more. The quality I've always admired about these baby MSes is the midrange - I've found it hard to find something with similarly reasonably clarity (for sensible money).

Basic stereo imaging isn't too bad, although there's not much depth to the soundstage. Bass, of course, isn't their strongest point, being tuneful but a little wooly and light, and treble has always seemed slightly strong, perhaps a bit rough even, though also quite "live". I don't mind music that's a little rough around the edges if it's captivating.

So, in an effort to correct these shortcomings, could anyone recommend something that I might pick up (secondhand, probably) for around £200-250 which can offer a tighter, deeper bass, more compelling soundstage and no reduction in mid- and treble clarity?

Principle parnering kit is a Sony STR-DA1200ES A/V receiver & Sony CDP-XE900E CD Player.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks,



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Jul 9, 2009
I'm aware this doesn't answer your question but maybe it'll be of use.
If I'm honest I've a soft spot for those MS so I'd consider trying a seperate Dac with the cdp and/or removing the speaker protection circuit from the 3.10's.
On the secondhand market with your budget there is a world of choice but I can heartily recommend Wharfedale Diamond or Kef Q series.


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Sep 18, 2010
I'm a fan of Mordaunt Short speakers too, but as you said they don't do bass...I think they are light on bass consistently through out their product range. However, you can overcome this problem through careful matching. If you love the midrange, I would suggest you go with the Mezzo 1. This will have the same weaknesses though, soundstage isn't the greatest and bass is light. However, the midrange and treble is hard to beat for the money. I like the diamond 10.1s too, they are good all round but I just happen to prefer the MS...call it user bias.


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