Thorenst D160 Mk2


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Jun 23, 2010
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Hey all,

just made a discovery that my best mate's dad used to be well into his Hifi, among the gems sat in his house being un used are a Sansui 217-2, some old mordaunt short speakers and best of all a Thorens TD160 mk2.

The turntable looks to have been meticulously maintained and has an SME tonearm with an Ortofon (30 mk2?) cartridge.

This worth a punt in anyones opinion? I had planned to get into vinyl with something like a rega p3 at some stage but thought this may be better if its in good nick?

Any advice would be great as im a total noob to vinyl. Any decent cheapish phono stages to consider?

kind regards as always.



Its an excelent turntable, I'm assuming the SME arm is a 3009. Great thing is it has an SME armboard which makes the thing uprgradable should you wish, more potential than a Rega P3. Budget phono stages I wouldn't consider anything less than a Cambridge Audio 180 or 240. The Project phono box is in the same price range but it'll have less tonal colour and have more compressed dynamics in my experience.


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