This is what I have... now need speakers to go with it:


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi I have read all there is available but still can't make my mind up!

I have:

Sony KDL46v2000

Sony HXD870 DVD recorder (not yet but decided to buy it)

Humax HDCI2000 (for BBC HD)

Onkyo TX-SR605 (will also be ordering soon)

I live in a top floor flat and the living room is around 5m x 4.5m, so heavy bass not required.

So now I want to spend around £500-600 in a speaker set and have narrowed it down to the KEF 2005.1, Quad L-ite and Mordaunt Short Alumni. Which of these is most suitable for trying out or are there also others?

Thanks in advance for you help

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Nice set-up!

At that price-point, the Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 package would outperform the others. There are supply problems with the sub at the moment,but QA is on the case (more here).

Wharfedale's Diamond 9 HCP (£500) is also worth a look/listen.


Thanks for that Clare. Looks good and definitely an option. So now 2 follow ons.... is it worth going for the QED Anniversary cable or will the cheaper Original cable be good enough for this et up. I am not a hardcore fan so small differences would probably pass me by but if it is noticeably better then would be tempted. Secondly should I get the Q Acoustics satellite stand for this at £69? I could use a shelf and /or wall brackets but again if the difference is significant I would go for it. I know I should really go and demo this set up but there is limited opportunity to do this so hoping just to get a set up that works for me! Lastly am I correct in thinking I also need a HDMI cable to connect to my TV and also a subwoofer cable? Again thinking of going tor teh QED if they are as good as they sound.



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