The Ultimate Guide to High-End is on the way – we need your help!


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi everyone. We’re just getting started on The Ultimate Guide to High-End, covering the world’s best hi-fi, home cinema and display technology. It's on sale 31st July. A few selected home cinema highlights to whet your appetite: we’ll have all-new reviews of Denon's AVP-A1HD and POA-A1HD processor/power amplifier, Yamaha's 11-channel DSP-Z11 amp and hopefully the new Pioneer SC-LX90 'Susano'. We’ll also test the latest Blu-ray decks from Denon, Panasonic and Pioneer, plus SIM2's new C3X 1080 projector and a B&W 800-series speaker package worth £17,000. There'll be plenty of high-end hi-fi on hand too, and we’ll even be reviewing high-end in-car audio, with top-spec systems from Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and, with luck, Bentley. And of course, we’ll also have our regular feature in the front of the magazine where you all get to have your say. So tell us: what’s so special about high-end home cinema kit? If you’re fortunate enough to be an owner, how happy are you with your system, and how do you justify spending the cash to yourself? And how much difference do you think buying high-end equipment makes to your listening pleasure? As ever, I’m looking for quotes that try to describe the experience of listening to high-end kit, or try to convey the thrill of owning it. I’m going to put this same post up on the hi-fi forum (modified to suit, of course!) but if any of you want to post comments on your hi-fi kit on this thread too, fire away. The most interesting contributions will be published in our regular feature in the front section of the magazine. By the way, I'm off on holiday for a fortnight after today, so I won't be able to join in much on this one. I've no doubt my colleagues will more than make up for my absence! All the best, Andy

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
My little experience of high end kit has made me go "Yeah - that's what I want my kit to sound like", and spend my life trying to get as close to that ideal as possible whilst spending as little as possible. Still working on it..........


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