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Aug 10, 2019
So since my last post I've visited my local preferred HiFi dealer and made an appointment to do some listening, after half an hour of chatting we decided on a few sets which I'll give a listen...

The speakers on audition will be:
  • B & W CM-7 (wins so far, partly because of the looks ;))
  • Epos M22
  • Monitor Audio GS20
And because I'm still not fully sure of the floorstanders, I'll also give their little brothers a try; B & W 685, Monitor Audio GS10, Epos M12.2. All mounted on soundstyle Z2's. Supporting these standmounters there will be an Epos ELS Sub.

For amplification I will be listening to:
  • Cambridge Audio 640A v2
  • Arcam FMJ A18
  • Cyrus 6v2
I will listen to all these amps using the Cambridge Audio 640C v2 cd-player, but on insistence of the guy who's been helping me for a few weeks now I'll also give the Cyrus CD6SE a spin. He seems totally in love with it.

So any guesses on who'll be a winner? Any suggestion on equipment which I'll HAVE to listen? Any special brand of coffee I should drink while auditioning them?

Especially the subwoofer choice is hard for me, since I know nothing about them, lets hope the floorstanders will win and I won't need one ;)


This is a very variable list of electronics, could be a good plan if you're new to the world of hifi as it'll give you a better opinion of what you eventually buy. There's nothing wrong with what you say however I'll start from the beginning and give my opinions:

1. Even though I love the fact the CM series is still built in the UK and look fantastic, they need to be paired well. Out of the amps you mention think the Arcam.

2. Are these three the only ones your dealer has in stock? If not I'd ask him to get some more because whilst these three are great I think there are others you should try.

3. I think it is a bit of a strange comparison to compare the likes of the B&W 685 and a sub to the Epos M22. Have you thought about seeing what a £1000 standmounter has to offer?

4. The first three speakers deserve better amplification than you mention. Think Cyrus 8vs2, Arcam FMJA28, Naim Nait 5i (Although will only sit well with the Epos out of them, what about Neat speakers?).

5. I think out of this limited choice I would choose the Epos and the Cyrus.


Hope this helps...ÿ


Nah they have a lot more speakers in stock, but I've already spend a good 10 hours narrowing speakers down. I love a good bass and a roomfilling sound, and thusfar no standmount has been able to deliver.

Soundwise the Epos' speakers are my favorites by far at the moment, but I must admit that the combination of Epos and a Cyrus set would be pushing my budget (not only pushing, but stretching and bending and maybe even mauling or molesting ;)).

I have a small love with each of the three floorstanding speakers, I have not yet heard them with the amps that fit into my budget though. You think the amps that I can afford would be a waste on such speakers?

If so; What amp and cd-player would you recommend to drive the Epos speakers? And which the CM-7's? I really love the CM-7's for their sweet looks and great sound...

My dealer is willing to make a nice set price for me so I might be able to get a better set for the same money. They used to sell Rotel and Marantz amps as well, but they recently removed them from their store. They said Cambridge Audio is just way better value for money. Myself I'm leaning towards the Arcam FMJ A18.

But since this amplifier is only uotputting 50w per channel, maybe I should give the Epos M16 a go on this amp? Only I'm afraid to lose out on the bass I love ;)


The amps you mentioned and the speakers play in different leagues. I think the speakers you are considering deserve a better amplification. You're talking about mid range speakers but budget amplification.

I you like the sound (and the prices) of Cambridge Audio machinery, I'd go for the 740A or 840A amplifiers instead of the 640v2.

Maybe you'll be happy with the 740A (amplifier) + 640C v2 (CD player)+ B&W Cm7 combo.


Yeah I already suspected I might be mismatching a bit... What kind of speakers would you suggest to fit nicely with either the CA 640 v2 combo or the Arcam FMJ A18? Maybe if I go for cheaper speakers I could afford the Cyrus 6SE combo of cd-player and amp? Any suggestions on cheaper but still good speakers? I'm not really wanting to go for standmounts... Monitor Audio RS6 sounded decent to me, but lacked a bit of low end punch...


Mismatch in terms of equipment, price range - but I would go for the EPOS M22 and a Cyrus CD/Amp combo.



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