The Hobbit HFR/48FPS possible on Blu-ray?


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Feb 5, 2011
I know the current specification of Blu-ray doesn't allow for 48FPS and most TV's likely can't accept 48FPS.

How could 48FPS work on current Blu-ray players and TV's?

Would the benefits of 48FPS in say 720P outweigh the loss of resolution from 1080P?

How would 48FPS work on 60Hz TV's? Would it have to have a strange pull-down to repeat some frames? What about older TV's (like mine) that can handle 720P or 1080i?


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Jan 6, 2012
Blu-ray discs have the ability to play up to 60 fps progressive in 720p, and so even if not native it could play it back using a pulldown system.

Most HD TVs can easily playback 48 fps progressive. Most games consoles are 60 fps and playback fine.

But it's an interesting question! I'd love to have The Hobbit in 48 fps on Blu-ray.

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Jul 28, 2010
Interesting question.

My GoPro Hero3 Silver will record 1080P at 25 & 24 FPS, but the 720P will record up to 60 FPS in NTSC or 50 FPS in PAL.

I prefer 720p at 50fps / 60fps any day of the week. The picture stability far outweighs the resolution increase to 1080P IMO.

The picture looks far more solid, especially during fast movement in a way that standard 1080P just cannot capture. Somehow the extra frames also make a 720P picture look more detailed than a standard 24/25fps (ish) frame rate.

Whether it is possible on existing hardware, I’m just not sure.


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