The four best hidden gems you have to watch on Netflix this weekend

Mr. C Nation

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Mar 21, 2020
I took the 30 day free trial for Netflix. I phoned to cancel within 24 hrs [you have to cancel by phone, so they can try to talk you out of leaving]

The reason was that there was not a single film by some of the all-time great directors of cinema. Not a single Kurasawa. No Almodovar. No Resnais. No Michael Powell. No Pasolini. No Truffault. I could go on.

I asked the Netflix person to find films by these directors but he came back with none.

I understand what Nexflix offers. It is the entertainment equivalent of McDonalds, Burger King, Domino Pizza., Chicken Tikka Masala home delivered.

That's OK. Who would want to watch more than one Ingmar Bergman movie per year? Or even one, unless your are comfortable with suicidal Scandi gloom?

I guess you could say that my taste is for 'Art Cinema'. I woul subscribe to a Netflix 'Art Cinema' channel but as it is - even free - I pass.



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