Thanks Andrew, Clare, bobbys, upright, VoodooDoctor, ranjeetrain, paulio, bloney, gregory, Anton90125...


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Oct 8, 2007
...Mr_Poletski, Sex, JoelSim, Thaiman, Will Harris, Zoot Horn Rollo, Andy Clough, iRog! I now have my Nad C320BEE connected to my pc with my Monitor BR2s, and they sound pretty good - certainly better than those logitechs with the ridiculous sub i was using - and especially as i havent positioned the speakers properly or got the stands for them yet, and im running wire that i dont think anyone has ever heard of! Just wanted to drop by and thank all who helped me get there - all your input has helped me reach my decision in some way, even tho i may have tried your patience somewhat (Mr. E. - connections...LOL!). Now i need to see how a good sound card will affect things, and keep an eye on any other possible tweaks, before any major upgrades. Anyway, many thanks all!


I am as glad you got running as you. And you do know where to go from here.

Mr. E. deserves a special thanks with the connection part, though. He is always there, can be said.


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