Testing my setup (Arcam CD37/A38 +Anthony Gallo STRADA) using Ultimate Demonstration Disc from Chesky Records.


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Aug 10, 2019
The lovely thing about this Demonstration disk [SACD] is the introductions that precede each track carefully describing to the listener the highlights of each song allowing average Joe to assess his sound system, so instead of relying on a comparative approach based on experience, the listener can hear if the effects described by the narrator are being reproduced by the sound system ,in other words One will be able to tell if his system is refined enough to reveal details such resolution, depth, focus etc....

Now back to my mid level system consisting of the followingComponents:

-Arcam CD37 CD/ SACDplayer + Chord Company Cadenza interconnects

-Arcam A38 amplifier +Chord Company Power Cord +TACIMA CS929 6-WAY MAINS CONDITIONER

-Anthony Gallo STRADASpeakers + TCI King Cobra speakers Cable

-Anthony GalloTR-3 Subwoofer + Atlas Equator MKII Interconnects.

The jury consisting of 2 friends of mine and myself came with the following conclusions:

-Depth: 8/10:Although the system managed to create a serious depth effect , in our opinion something was missing maybe because the Stradas have small enclosures so they failed to fully recreate the depth effect described by the narrator...

-Atmosphere: 9/10(Expansive stage- Drums and Cymbals “ethereal” )

-Midrange Purity: 10/10( The Stradas excelled in reproducingmidrange and high frequencies ).

-Naturalness: 8/10( System managed to recreate the Natural Acoustics of the Church)

- Transparency: 9.5/10(Open window to the sound, hardware disappeared, only music remained)

-Presence: 10/10 (Tenor sax was in the middle of theroom, sound of wind and Sax keys were clearly reproduced.)

-VisceralImpact: 9/10 (System managed to produce layers ofmusic and the nuances of 2 Drums kit used on this track. ).

-Rhythm& Pace: 9/10

-Focus: 10/10

-HolographicImaging: 9/10(The sound systemmanaged to recreate depth of field and the sound characteristics of thecathedral where the track was recorded)

-Transients:20/10 (this system managed to deal with the Transients ofStravinsky’s Royal March in a “chilling” way.. we weren’t expecting suchperformance from the small speakers, we were really Wowed. )

-BassResonance: 10/10 (to make sure the system really produced accurate bass resonance we played another CD “Soular Energy” by Brown Ray and the results were equally impressive.)

DynamicTest: 10/10 (We could hear the pluck of the drums and the cymbals sounded so realboth in terms of resolution and staging.)

p.s. 10/10:means that the system managed to reproduce the sound described by the narrator.We did not actually compare the sound quality of the system we tested to other Hi-Fi Systems. All we cared about is to see if the current setup was able to reproduce the music as described by Mr. Narrator. Obviously the setup costing circa 5500 GBP did a great job.


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Jan 18, 2008
That must be a 10/10 ... including that 20/10. I get the impression you like your system.

I dont think i could get any of my mates to sit through a 'listening session' like that unless there was a lapdancer and beer involved.

How did you arrive at your system and specifically the Gallo speakers?


As previously mentioned, 10 over 10 means that the system managed to produce the sound described by the narrator , it doesn't mean that this system is the best system ever, and to answer your question Yes I do love it, it took me almost 2 years to put all the elements together.

Before deciding on Arcam I auditioned almost (not to say every ) Integrated amplifier priced between 1K and 2K £.

same with the CD player, here my choice was a bit reduced because I wanted an SACD player priced below 2000£

as for the speakers I extensively auditioned not less than 12 highly regarded speakers with prices ranging between 750£ and 2500£

the Gallos where the last set of speakers I auditioned using the same Material (CDs & SACDs) obviously they were really impressive because they produced the sweetest midrange and their soundstage was so wide, still they managed to stay focused.

as for high frequencies: You have to listen by yourself to understand what I am talking about, and since I am not a Bass Junky I didn't mind the lack of strong punch ( later on I dealt with that by adding the Subwoofer). The System is so refined and suits vocals, Jazz and classical music more than Dance or Electronic music. (again this is my personal assessment)



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