Technics SU-X320 - Does anybody know anything about it?


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Aug 10, 2019
Im thinking of purchasing a Technics SU-X320 amplifier but cant really find any information about it. It says its "New Class A" on the front, and I know that its 50 watts per channel (I think?) But I cant find any other information about them Eg when and where they were made, whether they were a high end or low end amp etc. Does anybody know anything about these

Thanks in advance :rockout:

Heres a like to a photo


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Jun 10, 2011
Technics have long used phrases like "new Class A" but the fact is that these amps are just a variation on more normal class ab amplifiers. Without getting too involved, the correct established definition of Class A is cast in stone and amplifiers like this are not Class A. They attempt to use a sliding bias scheme and claim that because the output transistors are never cut off, that this then merits the term Class A.

As to how it sounds... I've never heard one but imagine it's like any other run of the mill contemporary design.


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