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Aug 10, 2019
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Im thinking of getting this for a system for my bedroom Use it to spin DVD's for my tv (sony KDL-32d3000) and for cd's and MP3's using its USB port. I was thinking for pairing it with a set of kef Q1 bookshelf speakers.

does that sound like a good pairing to you or anyone else got any ideas. I can get the Q1's for £200.


I don't know about the DR-H300 but I had the Teac Ref 300 CDP, Amp and DAB tuner and with Kef Q1s (which I still have). I have to say that I found it a very decent system for a small room with a warm sound and I thought it looked great - lovely brushed champagne one I had.
I am sceptical though about using a DVD player/system to play CDs (as I have tried several decent DVD players to amps which were a real let down) but have no direct experience with the Teac model you refer to.
You may want to consider getting the Teac dedicated Ref 300 DVD player (which I also had) with the Ref 300 system which looked very smart indeed and can be picked up fairly cheaply on Ebay - I wouldn't be put off by buying second hand as they're built like bricks! You can also plug an MP3 into the amp via hedphones socket and get a tune (which I also did but the sound wasn't brilliant but may be comparable to USB anyway).
Cheers, Simon


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