TCL 55C825

Aug 20, 2021
"TCL tells us that all are HDMI 2.1, but with HDMI 2 supporting 4K/120, so suited, along with other TCL gaming credentials, for the latest generation games consoles. " this sentence gave me a stroke.


Aug 21, 2021
This honestly feels more like an advertisement than a review. It doesn't provide us with measurements such as contrast ratio, screen uniformity, local dimming performance, color gamut, color volume, input lag, response time, gradient control, etc.. none of that.

There has also been reports by several owners from the French forums that the TV has some blooming in real world content, gradient/color banding, and motion/judder issues. Triggering VRR or Dolby Vision will cause the TV to flash Pink rapidly.

Additionally there has been some owners over on Reddit reporting that they are experiencing blur/half resolution issues when receiving a 4K 120hz signal via Xbox Series X, PS5 and potentially PC. This issue seems to have already been confirmed by Vincent from HDTVTest to affect Panasonic's JZ2000 and the Sony XH90/X900H due to its Mediatek SOC and he expressed concerns that the TVs from other brands which also makes use of Mediatek's SOC to likely be affected by this issue as well.


C825 4K 120hz / Half resolution issues:
2021 TCL C825 - 4K 120 Half Resolution Blur Issues as seen in Sony's X900H : 4kTV (

TCL C825: 4K 120 Half Vertical/Blur Issues in 4K 120 : tcltvs (

TCL C825 clarity issue in 4K 120hz : 4kTV (

Not saying that this TV is trash, but at this point it has potentially critical issues that prevents it from functioning as advertised, especially when it comes to 4K 120hz support over HDMI 2.1. Until an in-depth review is published by a reviewer that analyzes these issues, its true performance is still a mystery.

Jan Solar

Nov 2, 2021
OK. Here are my issues:
* No Atmos output, no matter how hard I try. DD 7.1 at best
* Horrible audio delay (audio is perhaps 300 ms or more behind the picture) in DBV-T. This is the main reason I'm returning the TV. It's not possible to mitigate it in the receiver. (no delay in Netflix, Youtube, apps, etc...)
* HBO GO only Stereo output, same for VLC player installed from Google Play
* HBO GO unable to connect through Chromecast
* Gestures not available (in Czech Republic)
* Alexa not available (in Czech Republic)
* Chaotic and buggy UI / Menus. Especially program changing is confusing
* Intermittent system crashes



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