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Nov 17, 2007
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Anybody out there in the habit of transfering old tapes/vinyl to CD? There seems to be an ever expanding range of equipment to do this, USB this and Digital that. I would appreciate any comments/ suggestions as to the best way to go about it.

Obviously I've already experimented with the cheapest option i.e. using my existing equipment (Yamaha KX393 cassette deck & Project Debut III turntable) and feeding the analogue signal directly into the line input of my PC. Unfortunately I wasn't very happy with the results, I could certainly tell a difference between the finished CD and the origianal source material. Some bits of the music just weren't as sharp and clearly defined as in the originals, a bit like a photograph were the foreground is nice and sharp but the background is slightly out of focus - I'm sure you'll know what I mean. As a comparison if I do a straight CD to CD copy there is no obvious diference between original and copy.

Has anyone got one of those neat little Sony twin deck CD recorders? If so how highly do you rate it? I seem to remember WHF gave these quite a glowing report when they were reviewed. How do they rate as a player, particularly compared to my current CD player, a Marantz CD5400?

Thanks in anticipation


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just to pick up on some points.

you were running the turntable and the tape deck to your HiFi amp as normal?

you should then take a connector fron the tape out on the amp to the PC.

now what software you use to record has big issues as does the quality that you save the recording at.

i have recoreded vinyl in this way and it ends up as a masive file that is a "copy" of the disc with all the hiss rumble and scratches it had before....


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