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Tannoy & Marantz (?) budget system for classical music


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,

I am new to this forum and in HIFI as well. With limited knowledge I am seeking for help and/or advice on a budget system mainly for classical music. Please note this will be my very first one system. I have a room about 15x15ft and budget around L300 excluding speakers or L350 inclusive. Priority is to sort out the amp and speaker and will by the CD player a bit later, preferably a new one.

My questions:

Does Tannoy and Marantz fit well together? Shall I look for some other combination?

I have new a pair of Tannoy Mercury F4 and reading trough a few topics and browsing on the internet made me wondering whether these are the best for me... Should I sell these and buy a pair of smaller bookshelf speakers in order to have a clearer sound? My only concern is I cannot afford to buy a new floorbox above the price range of F4 and I am not sure how the size of the box could modify the sound. Maybe it is easier to have a smaller if it is clearer. I hope it makes sense.

In case I have to buy a new bookshelf I think F1 could be good or some second hand ones like M1, M2, M2.5,MX2
Profile 632 (this may be in a higher range than M series?), R1 (this may also be in a higher range than M series?) would also do the job.
Is there any of the above ones which are not recommended at all? Is there one which is highly recommended? Any further recommendations?

Second hand amps, which I guess would suit my need but need further advice on them:

Cyrus 2 Amplifier and PSX power supply, Marantz PM 44 SE, Marantz PM4000, Marantz PM-55 SE, Marantz PM-66SE KI, Marantz PM-30 SE, Marantz PM-42.
Is there any of the above ones which are not recommended at all? Is there one which is highly recommended? Any further recommendations?

Would it make any difference if I use silver coated cable instead of copper speaker cable or at this level it is entirely useless? Would silver give more clarity?

Is there any archive overview of product ranges for Tannoy and Marantz so I could understand the relation of product lines, predecessors of current models etc.
Sorry for being a bit too long with this post.
Thank you for your help in advance.



the record spot

Cyrus 2 & PSX or the M66-KI. Copper single strand wire will give you a nice warmth to the sound to round off any sharp treble (I use ten year old Audioquest Type IV which is a superb cable, sadly no longer in production), but it depends on your preference.