Tannoy DC6T Revolution Signatures as surround speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I am in a bit of a quandary at the moment and would be very grateful to hear opinions as to my proposed resolve.

I currently have Tannoy DC6T Revolution Signature's Front left and right, DC6LCR and 4 DC6 Revolution Signature as surrounds and rears.

My problem is that the stands (Atacama Aurora 6) design is completely flawed when paired with the DC6's, in that there simply is no space for any quality cable to fit under the speakers. The only way around this was to raise the speakers to create this space. The only way of doing this was with Russ Andrews Jumbo Oak cone feet. Unfortunately though this makes an already unstable stand in my opinion an absolute catastrophe waiting to happen (as there is literally nothing to stop them sliding off and crashing to the floor).

After warning a visiting workman as to the speakers precariousness and even showing him exactly what the problem was in a bid for him to excise extreme care and give them a wide birth. To my horror snd disbelief, the very next day he walked right into them and sent them crashing across the room.

I am now considering replacing them completely with DC6T Revolution Signatures. These are much more stable obviously but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience as to their suitability as Surround Speakers?

Also, does anybody know where the Revolution Signatures are still available as opposed to the new DC6Ts as the whole of my system is currently the signatures and I want to keep the system uniform aesthetically.

I'm using a Pioneer SC-LX82 AV Receiver by the way incase that has any baring on their suitability as Surrounds.

Any opinions or advice would be very much appreciated.


An opinion from any of the What Hifi experts would be much appreciated as it seems none of the Forum members have one (5 days and no response).


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