Tacima Mains Conditioner - Plug Amp in or not?


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Mar 7, 2008
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Hi All

I'm repositioning my AV gear and have come across some posts saying that you should not plug your amps into one of these as it restricts power. Is this true?

What should you plug into these to give the best results?


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Oct 18, 2008
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In my personal experience I found it tends to restrict the current deliverable to Subwoofers and amplifiers.

Source componants etc benfit greatly from the tacima. The order in which you plug equipment into the tacima also has an effect in my experience with the higher quality kit nearest the "filter", IE blu ray player, ps3.

I have my amp and sub on there own double socket and the tacima feeding the rest of my kit (blu ray, TV, PS3, modem v+ box)

Hope this helps. Just try it yourself and see which way you prefer it only takes a couple of seconds to swap plugs round, but when you do live with it for a week before you change back and see if you miss anything.


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Apr 7, 2010
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As The_Lhc's post. From personal experience iv'e found it depends on the amp, Denon 1910, Yamaha 767 were / are fine. The Pioneer 1017 i prevously had, it strangled, so plugged it straight into the wall, was fine after that. My advice for A/V Amps or amps in general, would be to try it with & without to hear which is best, it wont do any harm.

All my kit, except the subwoofer, is plugged in to one now.



Hi there, having used the unit with a variety of high end sources and amplification, I found it to be very effective in the midrange. I am currently using 5 Magneplanar speakers, and they will really bring out the difference. I found bass and treble not be effected. It also cuts out mains clicks which I had in my property before. Best thing to do is to try it out, it really is not difficult - and I agree you must listen to it for a week or so with / without. Hope this helps.


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Mar 9, 2010
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It really is a case of try and see.I use the isol-8 cleanline2 mains conditioner that has 2 dedicated sockets for power amps,sub woofers.I found it tightened the bass on my sub but seemed to resrtict my Arcam amp.It poss had more detail but the sound seemed thin and almost transistor radio like.Plugged the amp back into wall and full bore sound back.So I run sources and sub through it.This didn't happen with the Tacima and my old Denon 3310 though.Experimentation is the key!


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