System Upgrade for Musical Fidelity x-Pre V3 CD; Musical Fidelity M1 Dac; Musical Fidelity XP200 Power Amplifier..........


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi Folks

My present system is: Musical Fidelity x-Pre V3 CD; Musical Fidelity M1 Dac; Musical Fidelity XP200 Power Amplifier; Musical Fidelity X-Pre V3 (pre-amp); Monitor Audio RS 6 Speakers. Chord Odyssey 2-4 Speaker Cable; Black Rhodium Illusion Diva Audio Interconnect Cables x 2; Atlas Compass Coaxial Interconnect CD to DAC.

The system has superb musicality and timing with good musical detail but the mid range and top end is somewhat lacking fullness and clarity of separation, as part of the soundstage!

I'm considering either upgrading the CD Player or Speakers.

Potential speakers: ProAc Response D18?

Opinions regarding potential solutions will be appreciated.

Thanks, Andrew

Kevin Stephens

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Apr 16, 2009
Hi Andrew

I found I needed good analogue interconnects to get the most out of my MF system and after trialling a bunch of options loaned from the shop I settled on Chord Chorus 2. A particular improvement was in top end clarity. My Monitor Audio GS10 sem to be a good match, you may be able to get a good deal on some ex demo GS20s or even GS60s now that the GXs are out; should be a big step up from the RS range

El Hefe

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Jun 21, 2008
I doubt D18 will help you with the high ends as I purchased the D18s to help me with my low ends :) Have you tried different speaker positioning? Does your pre-amp have XLR connection? If yes, try out that connection from your M1 DAC. As for interconnects, I found my 'balance' in the musicality using Siltech products,



I'm considering the GS20 upgrade, which from a dealer's perspective should give a decent overall upgrade to the sound, in all its complexity. The room need to be not too small in order to accomodate these.

The PMC GB1i model has been recomended to give a much more detailed listening experience in comparisson to the MF? The PMC's are much more suited to smaller spaces.

I really need to experience listening time with both before decisions are made.

Locating both products together is proving very difficult.


I managed to listen to the MA GS 20's and felt the sound was a serious improvement to the RS6's. Got a great deal on them brand new for half price- a result.


Have been listening to the new speakers for a couple of days now and find myself amazed at the sheer clarity, separation and soundstage that has been liberated from captivity, for lack of a more apt expression.

I find a whole new system playing. Presence a low volume is also much improved.

Will be good to evaluate how things develop when speakers are run in!


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