Synology NAS and bbc radio streams


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there, help needed I'm afraid... I would very much like to listen to BBC radio streams via my Synology DS211j NAS. The audio software that comes with the NAS (Audio Station) has an option for pre-defined radio streams, but no BBC ones, although you can add your own if you know the URL. After a bit of digging on the internet it would appear that this NAS only supports streams in the mp3 format which the BBC ones aren't. Having dug some more it appears you can get the world service as an mp3 stream but no others - no good to me unfortunately as I was really hoping for some 6 Music! Can anyone help point me in the right direction to solve this, there must be a workaround somehow?? Any help is much appreciated.

(BTW I'm using Windows 7 and DSM 4.0)

Cheers guys. Bush.


The_Lhc said:
I might be missing something but why don't you just listen to the BBC on your PC instead of the NAS?

Yep, fair point... one of the main reasons for getting a NAS was so that I could access my music without having to turn the laptop on. I can do this using the 'DS Audio' remote app for my iPod Touch, and through this it's also possible to listen to the available radio stations. I've got my hifi setup so that the NAS goes into the DAC, then the amp etc. It is possible to take the USB lead from the DAC/NAS and use it for DAC/laptop, but that's a pain in the ass and would involve me turning on the laptop first.


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