Surround speakers to choose?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm having a little difficulty in choosing some speakers for a surround set up, i already have a good sub so i'm not worried about that! However i'v been looking at various bookshelf speakers to use and center speakers but can't decide which is best, i've been looking at the following 3:

1. Tannoy Mercury F2's

2. Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's

3. Q Acoustics 1020's

Of course i've been looking at the matching center speakers to go with them, i've just ordered the new Pioneer VSX-LX50 AV receiver and need some speakers to go with it, all of these have won awards but which ones should i use? Or if there are any others you can recommend that would be great, i'm looking for 6 bookshelf speakers and a center!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Sorry for the edit, but that Time Tunnel thing you had going on before was doing my head in!

I'd say the Q Acoustics system would be an absolute minimum with this system, and that you really ought to expand your horizons a little further to really get it singing.

I'd be thinking more in terms of the Epos ELS3 5.1 package, plus an extra pair of speakers to make up the 7.1 package, or the Quad L-ite system, again with extra speakers. Even better if you fancy the idea of really small speakers would be the Monitor Audio Radius 90AV-12, or even the B&W MT-30 - you need to think in those terms to get the most out of the receiver you have.


Looks like i'm going for the Quad L-Ite package thanks for the info!

Juast another quickie, i have 2 floor standing Mission 733's which i've had for a long time, will they stll serve me well with this new amplifier or should i consider upgrading those too?


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