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Aug 10, 2019
Can anybody tell me if I could replace a Yamaha DSP800 processor for a Onkyo TXSR 505 E as I would still like to use my stereo amp


I replaced by DSP800 some time ago with a Yamaha 2600 receiver and kept my stereo amp for playing two channel music, while using the Yamaha for movies etc. Was relatively easy as I have an Arcam FMJA32 amp which has a built in "processor mode" , which, when selected, switches control of the overall volume to the Yamaha and provides a fixed level output from the Arcam, turning it "in effect" into a power amp, still driving the front speakers. When processor mode is deselected the Arcam functions as a normal integrated amp driving the two front speakers only. Works very well and gives me the best of both worlds.

So if your amp has such a facility it should be easy to replace the DSP800 with the Onkyo. If the amp doesn't have this facility it is still possible but more complicated - others should be able to help. I THINK it involves taking a feed from the tape out and adjusting the volume control to suit each time you switch over..... but not sure about this


If your stereo amp doesn't have a processor mode, most don't, you will need to connect the Main L/R pre-outs on the Onkyo to any spare line in (except phono) on the stereo amp. Then to use 5.1 you switch on both amps, select the relevant imput on your stereo amp, turn the volume up to about 12 o'clock, and then the Onkyo volume control.

If the Onkyo comes with a microphone based setup, then you can pick a volume level on the stereo amp, and the Onkyo will balance the levels as necessary, then you just use the same volume level whenever you go 5.1.

Stereo operation is as before, just don't switch on the Onkyo.