Surround Sound seperates for under £500


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone

As the title suggests i am looking for an amp and speakers for £500 (a small budget i know). As im in a 1st floor flat and budget i am leaving the amp for now and will add at a later date.

I am looking to connect my PS3 and Samsung LCD (optical sound output) to the amp and also baring in mind future possibility of a SKY HD.

First off i am considering Sony STRDG510 Silver (£200) as it has 2 optical outputs. I am intersted to know the HDMI inputs. This has two and i wonder about the benefits for PS3 / TV purposes will the HDMi connection be worthwhile (simlarly the Yamaha DSPAX761 has HDMi audio).

Lastly the input possibilities on the Cambridge Audio 340R seems almost endless but i wonder how it compares and as it does not have HDMi audio but does have HDMi inputs. (as you may tell the HDMi indput with surround sound is omething i am struggling with)

Secondly i was looking at the KEF CRESTA 30 SPEAKERS (PAIR) (two pairs of floorstanders and centre £290)

I would aprreciate any help / recommendations on what i have asked / said as i appreciate theres a whole bundle of questions / issues here. And welcom any other suggestions on a set up (i have no issues buying second hand)

Anyway much appreciated.


Hi there, to be honest you could do alot better than them speakers for the money,is it a must that you have floorstanders???


I wouldn't worry too much if receiver doesn't have HDMI sound as I didn't find too much diff bettween HDMI sound and coaxial quality with my Sony 5200ES. But it might cost you a few bob for the extra coaxial/optical cable. Sky HD boxes does not have HDMI sound which is a pain. Cresta's are a solid budget buy - but you'd easily buy them second hand off ebay - a pair goes for around 30 -50 squid. Mission range (such as M30s, 70s) or Tannoys might also be a worth a look.


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