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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there

I was bought many moons ago some marantz separates for christmas.

I still use my Marantz PM 44se amp along with my Kef Coda 7's.

I have routed the sound from My Sony DVP NS355 DVD player, Sky box and most importantly my Xbox 360 through it. After getting an HD Lcd i now want some surround sound.

Due to three kids, a dog and a wife my budget is around the £200 mark.

I Have also a Marantz SP 50 surround sound processor.

Is it worth just spending my money on a set of speakers for this or buying a new setup?

I am totally clueless what i'm looking for. My main useage is for watching DVD's and playing Xbox, but music is also played often.

My lounge has a wooden floor and measures approx five metres by seven metres.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



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Sep 6, 2007
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I bought this (Jamo A102HCS5 BLACK) 5.1 Speaker Package a while ago now and was pleased but not surprised to read in this months mag that it's been awarded five stars. The sound is excellent and they look great!

Below is a link where you can buy them for £225. You may find them cheaper but I doubt by much.


Gerrardasnails That speaker package looks perfect, price wise and in terms of decor of my room and small size of speakers but would i be able to connect it directly to a ps3 or would i HAVE to use an amp/receiver? It dosent look like the sup is active so im guessing an amp is needed. If so, can you recomend something similer for hassle/expense free conection to ps3?



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