Surround Sound for Panasonic TH-37PX70B and DMR-EX77EB


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there,

I am quite happy with my TV and DVD HDD recorder and currently output the sound through my trusty Pure DMX60. Yes I know, but I am building a system in stages - and to a reasonable budget.

So, my lounge is a decent size, slightly L shaped, and the TV is in the corner - the sofa is about 3.5m from the screen and at right angles to the corner. My sofa is not against the rear wall.

I would like to add surround sound, 5.1 obviously, and would like something unobtrusive, stylish, and have looked at Panasonic and Sony "in a box" solutions. My question is, with a budget of £300 ish, are any of these systems worth the money? Also, as I already have 1080p upscaling courtesy of my DVD HDD recorder, I am only looking to output the soundtrack. Now here I show my ignorance, I presume this is by the optical link?

I should point out I live in a flat, so outright grunt is not what I am looking for, just a decent sound.

I look forward to any comments, suggestions etc.


Hi all,

OK so my request for help/advice wasn't about big, sexy kit, but surely folks have expereince or comments about style or package systems.

I am currently considering the Sony HTSF 1100 5.1 Home Theatre System - is looks good, ought to sound good and is around £250 - 260 online.

Is there anything else I should be looking at in the £250 - £400 range?


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