Surround compromises


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys, looking to get some advice.

I currently get the sound for my TV/Movies via an old Philips DVD Home Cinema system. The DVD drive became hopeless some time ago and was replaced (currently by a Toshiba HD-DVD EP30) but I keep it around to get sound from 2 small speakers and it's sub. I used to have it running in full 5.1 mode but the cabeling was an unsightly nightmare and we took it out when we redecorated.

What I'm wondering now is how best to move on. At some point (when we replace the flooring) I will run flat cables to the rear of the room for full surround again, however in the meantime I'd like to upgrade what I have. So the question is, do I go for a full system, such as the Onk605 and just use the front channels and the Sub for now (is this even advisable??) and later hook up the rear channels, or would I be best investing the same money in a decent 2.1 system with maybe some sudo-surround options?

Any thoughts welcome.

I'll try to include a very rough sketch of the room... brown blocks are sofas, TV in corner



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