Surface/Support and Picture Quality


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Aug 10, 2019
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Id like to share this experiance with my fellow AV friends, you may find it interesting and try it your self.

I have a Denon DVD 1940 and I thought Id try a set of 3 oak cones (similar to russ andrews but bought cheap on ebay) 2 at the front one at the back,, simply stuck on with a little blu-tack. The idea is this is meant to reduce micro-rocking & isolate the dvd player better. The improvment in picture quality was noticable, fuller more vibrant picture. For £5:99 I was very pleased.

But I didnt stop there, under each cone I have placed a cork coaster (the old cork coasters used for tea/coffe mugs) and all I can say is WOW what a difference!! The picture improved even more!! Deeper richer colour, sharper detail, greater solidity & 3D, amazing! I put it down to the anti vibration properties of the cork mats.

Before you say it, no these improvments are not in my mind, both my friends, wife and i can see it clear as anything. It goes to show me that electronics is capable of more but is hindered by cheap construction and poor quality feet (to be expected in cheaper gear)

Just thought Id share, and also thought I ask, has anybody else experimanted with placeing their gear on different surfaces and seeing the effects on picture/sound quality?


Just thought Id add that I have added a QED QUONDUIT mains lead with a IEC to figure 8 adapter to the Denon 1940 and the difference it made to the picture was very impressive! Big improvment, I even started noticing things I never saw in the picture before!

Goes to show how much more you can get out of a piece of kit.


It's true, i've noticed differences with mains cable changes on my plasma. I use split squash balls under my equipment, but haven't experimented with how much difference they make.

I'm toying with the idea of trying out one of these..

quantum symphony

Anyone had any experience? I already have an Isotek Sigmas


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