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Mar 15, 2021
Hello! Really appreciate guidance from this forum.

I am trying to figure out a music only (no video) setup for my formal living room area.
Almost 100% streaming via Spotify, phone etc. Jazz, live music, world music that gives a great soundstage type experience.

I was considering either
1. KEF Wireless II or like (not use the ceiling wires, that would go waste :-/ )
2. There are 6 speaker speaker wires already installed in the false ceiling. If I can get a better stereo sound, use the ceiling concealed wiring and keep the on-floor setup to as minimal as possible. SP in picture indicates the points; all are at a corner so would need something that can be mounted in a L section.

Budget in range of KEF Wireless II

There are 3 different sitting areas; so difficult to say that there will be 1 dedicated sitting / listening position. Also attaching a couple of pics of the room if helpful.

Many thanks in advance.



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Sonos play 5 job done. The kefs would be completely wasted up there. Ie you will be probably streaming from your phone or other smart device. Kef have a load of connections your never going to use. Not mention very heavy with no official wall mounts. Play 5s having this option.

Sonos also have a true play feature which will mould there sound to your room. Making them sound better

The 5 have a very nice fun sound and easy for the whole family to use.

If you want more bass you can also purchase the matching sub.
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