Suggestion pls! Floorstand speakers for Pop/Rock Music


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Aug 10, 2019
I had my Rega Apollo CDP and NAD 355BEE Amplifier for a few months, and would like to upgrade for better speakers. I am in 15 x 10 room and mainly want good vocal sound. I listen to pop/rock songs. No classical, no jazz.

I have audition for a few speakers but hard to choose.

1. Focus Audio FC7 - Canadian made speakers, was impressed with the clarity sound except it is a little thin.
2. Rega R5 (not the new RS5) - ugly look, but impressive sound especially vocal. Too bad that Rega web site never provide me with details (e.g. frequency response) cannot compare.
3. Focal JMlab Chorus 836V - the most expensive of all. Like the richness of the sound, comes in different layers. Feels that the vocal is on top.

One concern is that my NAD355BEE integrated Amp only offer 80W x 2 Continuous Power into 8 ohms.

I am purely using this set of speakers for music. Please give some opinions. Thanks!


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Feb 7, 2009
I used to own the NAD C355. I had it for a long time so I am very familiar with the sound which is excellent. I would recommend you audition Monitor Audio RS6. They are unbeatable in their price category. I used them with the 355 in a similarly sized room with fantastic results. You will need to keep them at least 15" from the rear wall and use the foam port plugs for best effect. The sound is big, yet detailed. Very clean sound, and they are perfect for pop/rock music.

I also highly recommend the Dynaudio Excite line. You could also consider the out going Dynaudio Audience line of speakers. These can be had for a steal on EBAY right now, still factory sealed.


Rega R5 is a better all round speaker than the MA RS6, which is a little bit boom and tiz. Audition before spending and make your own judgement. I would recommend a pair of Dynaudio stand mounts such as a pair of Focus 110.


Definitely audition Dynaudio, listen to 110's, contour, excite and then shop around as there's bargains to be had.


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