suddenly, from nowhere - t/table gets earth buzz.


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Aug 10, 2019
At first, I thought the wire must've come undone at the rear of the amp. But no. It's still securely connected. Nothing in my set-up has changed - and yet suddenly my debut II is making an audible buzz - although only when the needle is in contact with something. I can hear the buzz between album tracks reasonably clearly, and also if I place my finger on the needle tip when it's on the rest. Seems a shame to bin it as everything else is tip-top. Even the lid isn't that scratched. ;-)

Anyone know what could be causing this, and have any rememdies in mind? Cheers.


Hmmm - nope. Nothing like that. Got a wireless router dobber, but it's a netgear one iirc. Been using it for a while now. Can't think of any new appliances or changes to the ring etc. I'll try unplugging a few things and moving stuff around etc. Thanks for the advice! Will report back in due course.


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Jun 2, 2008
Arm yourself with tweezers and ease the cartridge connectors off the pins and push them back on again. (Do one at a time so there there is no confusion about which wire was on what pin.)

If you find one is loose, then gently 'crimp' the connector tag - with the tweezers - until it is a firm fit on the pin. (To avoid crushing it flat you can poke the tip of a cocktail stick loosely into the connecting tab first.)

Fiddly stuff that requires good light and no distractions.

Also, back at the amp/phono-stage end of things, check out the RCA phono connections when it is playing. Try wiggling them and see if the hum comes and goes.

Do similar with the ground connector and see if the hum comes and goes when you wiggle the wire a little. There might be a 'dry' solder joint.


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