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Aug 10, 2019
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I've got so many questions about subs but there doesn't seem to be many answers when it comes to using them for hi-fi.

Firstly what is the best way to wire a sub up to a stereo amp (Marantz PM4400?) Is best to wire it up like a normal speaker or should I use the tape loops?

Secondly if I get an active sub is its amplification completely serperate to my amp? So if I got a 100w sub would it still go up to 100w even though my amp is only 30w? If the sub has speaker outputs as well as inputs does this mean it will give my speakers more power?

Finally what is a good sub to go for? My buget will probably max out at around £150. The sub will need to be fast, give good quality room shaking bass and not struggle with loud volumes. It will need to be able to cope with music such as Pendulum, The Prodigy and Muse. So far I've looked at the BK Minotaur and the Mordaunt 309i. While I would like the 309i it's unlikely I'll be able to afford it so is the Minotaur any good? Is there any other subs worth a look bearing in mind my room is 2m by 5m.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Wire it up to the conventional speaker outputs, using the high-level or speaker-level inputs on the sub - the amp's tape loops are fixed level so are no good for a sub.

Yes, the amp in the sub is totally separate, but no, it won't boost the power to your stereo speakers. The speaker outputs merely simplify the connection, or in some cases deliver to the main speakers a stereo output with some of the bass filtered out and redirected to the sub.

Don't know the BK, but the Mordaunt-Short 309i is very good indeed. But you're asking a lot to get the sub you want for as little as £150. Save another £50 or £150 and you'll get a much better subwoofer. On such a tight biudget I really wouldn't bother with a sub, as you're likely to get loose, flabby bass which will boom in your relatively small room rather than delivering what you want.


I guess I'll look at the 309i then thanks for the help I've seen it for a £170 on the internet. Another thing I'm wondering is it actually nessesary to test a sub before you buy one?

I've been looking at the sub on Mordaunts website and the conectors on it don't seem to be speaker posts, what connections does it actually use?


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