Subwoofer croaking


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Aug 10, 2019
So, yesterday, I wrote...

In my opinion (and experience) a lot of consumer electronics go pop within a couple of years, or frequently don't work straight out of the box. I suspect this is due to the fact that companies consider the costs incurred (replacement models, lost repeat business from unhappy customers) to be less than the cost of implementing proper quality control, or indeed better design and build.

The Xbox 360 debacle was this type of thinking taken to its logical conclusion. I should know, I got through seven of them in as many months.

I guess you can either pay super bucks for products like Bryston, with their admirable 20-year warranty, or go super budget and treat the equipment as disposable. Most of us can't afford the former, can't bear the thought of the latter, and end up somewhere in the middle praying our kit won't die the day after the derisory 1 year warranty expires.

And literally minutes later my subwoofer starts to play up. This is a just-run-in (so thankfully under warranty) Epos ELS. I'm running through speaker level connections off a Marantz PM6002 partnered with EPOS M5s, and it is set up as follows:

Phase: 0
Hi level: 60Hz
Low level: 20Hz
Volume 1/3

It starts off ok, and the red standby light on the back goes from red to green to indicate it's getting a signal. Then after about 10-15 minutes it cuts out completely. The green light stays on, however. It remains silent until you turn it off for about 20 minutes, after which it will come back to life, but only temporarily.

Does anyone have any comments (before I carry 20kg of woofer back to the shop - not fun)? I know the ELS has automatic cut outs for temperature and volume; the sub is well ventilated and the back panel is cool to the touch, and I haven't been abusing the volume control either on the Marantz or the sub itself. I have definitely isolated the issue to the sub, as opposed to the speaker cable or the Marantz. Dodgy cutout circuitry perhaps, or am I overlooking something obvious?


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Sounds (after reading the manual) like an overload. Try raising the low filter a bit, as the amp may be struggling at bit with such low frequencies and causiing the sub to sulk. Turn it up to 40-50Hz, and if the sub doesn't trip out, turn it down another 10Hz and repeat until the problem reappears. Then set the low filter just above the 'trouble point'

Either that or it's a duff 'un - but it;s worth trying this first - oh and checking all your speaker connections are in phase.

Are the M5s connected through the sub or in parallel with it?


Thanks Andrew, I'll give that a shot and let you know. The M5s are run off the Speaker A circuit, the sub off the speaker B circuit of the Marantz.


Ok, I've played with the low level, which had no effect. I've dropped EPOS a line to see if they have any suggestions, but I suspect I will be carting it back to my dealer. :(

Who is closed for refurbishment for the next two weeks. :(

Still, I guess that will give me time to get down the gym in preparation :)


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