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Aug 10, 2019
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Eg; if I have 2 amps both rated at 7x125,and after being measured 1was rated 5x60 and the other 5x100 would the difference

in power have any bearing on the level of subwoofer performance,given that a sub is self powered.

In other words does increased amp power mean increased sub power/performance given that both are recieving the same low

level signals from any particular movie.

Also,using a BK400 and Antimode but bass is slightly unbalanced from left to right of my 16x9 ft room, sub is corner placed

(only place possible),probably because of corner placenent ?.

While setup is very good just want perfect even bass if possible.

Thanks in advance



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Feb 22, 2009
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The power rating of your AVR has no bearing on an active subwoofer,because it does not power it. Any variance in signal strength or output sensetivities are ironed about when you calibrate your subwoofer and speakers.

The issue you are hearing is the room effects introduced into a subwoofers output. In the corner directly opposite the one the sub is situated in you likely get a lot of over blown bass, while centrally in the room it will be the quietest. The antimode will only even out the response in the listening position in which you placed the measurment mike during setup.


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