Sub and rear speaker help please


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Aug 10, 2019
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Right where do i start.

I have just brought some B&W CM8 with the CM range center speaker with a Pioneer sc-lx73 running it all.

Now I have a little money saved i need to invest in some rear speakers and a sub.

This is where i get confused (newbie). I have been thinking about getting the ASW10CM but at £900 is top end of budget

now considering what i have is it worth just drinking a can of man the F%£k up and just buying the Asw10cm and sticking with the CM? Or shall I go for a 610xp? Or another option i have been told was try the company REL either a T5 or the R218. I have done some looking into this but I'm still not sure what to go for.

Also i need some rear speakers and was also looking to keep within the CM range and go for the CM1 but then i got thinking these speakers are just rear speaker and would only get the odd sound coming from them. Now am i just being stupid or could i save a little and get something else. without making the system rubbish I don't want to scrimp too much on quality.

I don't want to sound like a tight ass just looking at other ways to save a little so i can spend on something else.

Any suggestion Good or Bad welcome.

Many thanks Lewis

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
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Ideally, you should have the same range of speakers all round, but with surrounds this is less important than the front 3. As you say, the surround speakers aren't up and running the whole time, so if you're after a cut price option to the CM1s, you could take a look at the 686s, or even the M1 satellite speakers.

With regards the sub, matching the other speakers is less important than it just being a damn good sub. There are many here who use REL, Velodyne, BK subs to good effect with other manufacturers surround speakers, but that's not to say the B&W subs aren't worth a listen to. I would have thought the ASW610XP would be worth a listen in particular if you can't stretch to a PV-1D.