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Aug 10, 2019
Hi World,

I'm looking for a fool proof great sounding streamer that doesn't brake the bank. I fell in love with the Naim Uniti as an all in one beast but sadly did not buy before Naim boosted the price.

So now I'm looking at Sonos Connect because I like the interface and how easy it is to expand throughout the house. I have been also looking at the Marantz NA7004 and Cambridge Audio NP30.

I will be looking to control the streamer from an Ipad 2 and streaming mainly from my NAS drive.

I know there is a lot of love out there for the Squeeze but none of it comes from me.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations they will greatly appreciated.

The system I'm buying with the streamer is a Marantz PM6004, Marantz CD6004 and Monitor Audio RX2

I listern to vast array of music but I do have a lot of love for Hip Hop.

Thanks World


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Sep 15, 2011
Hi all

I'm also in the Sonos crew but have a fresh question, an extension. I just bought a ZP90 into Rega DAC (also existing Pioneer DVD into DAC) - Destiny amp - Epos Epic 5. In another, fresh post, ZP90 was described as limited. I didn't give it much thought, bro wanted one, services were hard to ignore it sounded CD-like to me at the time, tho I was not fully attentive by then. Besides, I thought DVD as CD transport into DAC would cover, at least for a while, if quality was an issue, CDP later.

But now: streaming... like yourself e'g NA7004? ... what's my Rega Apollo R CDP equivalent in streaming set-up?

Thanks in advance


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Mar 22, 2009
As you have the iPad I assume you use ITunes, how about an Airport Express Driven form the Pad Or iTunes, or better still if you can find one an AppleTV First Generation.


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