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Dec 9, 2010
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Can anyone help please.

I want to stream 1080p backed up movies from my 3tb WD HDD To my Denon AVR 4306 then on to a Epson EH-TW5500 projector. What do I need to achieve this. I have a PS 3 if this could be utilized or is there anything I can buy.

Than you in anticipation.


I would recommend you get yourself a media player and docking station for your HDD. This will for fill your immediate need without big $$$ expense and it’s easy to set up.

Media Player example:....

Docking Station example:

Simply slot the HDD in the docking station and connect it to the media player. Run the Media player HDMI to a HDMI input on your AVR.

I have a similar setup, and it works great.

The problem with using a PS3 to stream is that you need a disc running FAT32. That limits you to 1024MB file size, so even IF PS3 can play files like MKV (normally used for HD movies), it wil still not work, since you can't store the HD files on FAT 32 (will say the disc is full).

Some of my ripped HD contend average 25Gig - 30 Gig per movie, so the above will definitely be a limitation.

Nice thing about getting a media player like the Mede8er is:

There are different models so you could take the basic model since you already have a HDD.

If you want to upgrade your setup, you could use a PC NAS storage device to stream content to your AVR through the media player using a LAN (PC - network - medial player - AVR - Screen or projector).

The players get new software, so if you get a new file version, you simply upgrade the player software.

The Mede8er supports LAN and Wi-Fi, but I would recommend physical LAN cable. If you go to the trouble of upgrading and going the LAN route, be sure you set yourself up with a Gigabit network. CAT6E +.

You get very nice NAS streaming software which will do stuff like movie description and art when you browse etc.

Hope the above helps.



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