store I Pod tunes onto DVD HDD


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Aug 10, 2019
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Has anyone got any suggestions on how it would be possible to store my I Pod/I Tunes contents onto my DVD HDD's hard drive it is a Sony 1065 with a 250G hard drive and MP3 music duke box facility. I would like to copy all my music on to the sony for easy day to day music availability and I see the I pod as a way of getting all m y CD's stored without having to feed them through one at a time.

Plus the Sony DVD says it can handle MP3 files but no mention of any other format or even loading CD's direct, I do not fully understand the format terminology MP3/MP4 etc.

Thanks in advance



Just in case anyone was wondering, I managed to get my entire I Tunes Library onto my DVD HDD, I used a piece of software called Sound Taxi Patinum,Very simple just drag and drop and it converts any music file to MP3, Then Burn to DVD -RW and on it went, plus I now have a full back up of every track on the laptop and the DVD player. Fantastic.

Be warned though, the M4P files (purchased through I Tunes) take forever to convert, I had a mixture of loaded CD's and purchased on mine, 16GB and it took me about 20 hours to complete.


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