Stereo pre amps with HT pass through


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Dec 24, 2008
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Most decent stereo amps now have home theatre pass through, so that they can be integrated into a multichannel system for films. My question, is do any good stereo pre amps have this ability?

My main system is an arcam av9 p7 and I love it. It works as a great pre amp for music, however I still find myself wondering if it could sound better in stereo. Setting up a dedicated stereo system in my bedroom has made me realise it's limitations I guess.

I wouldn't want to use different amplification itself for the front speakers, as the P7 is fantastic, the front speakers are bi amped too, so I would need to be able to slot a stereo pre amp between the av9 and the p7. Then the av9 would be off for music replay, just using the stereo preamp and the p7. For movies the av9 would be in charge and the stereo pre amp would just 'pass through' the signal to the p7.

Can this be done, and do many/any stereo pre amps have this facility?


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Jul 13, 2008
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The Arcam C31 springs to mind, but I would be worried that the remote signals would operate both amps. NAIM do a few with AV bypass, they are becoming more popular.


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