stereo music through surround amp


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Aug 10, 2019
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i use my 470pound yamaha rxv640rds surround amp for home cinema as well as music. if i bought a stereo amp, how much would i need to spend to hear a good improvement. i believe the mag gave the yamaha 5 stars and praised its musical ability.. my 2nd q is i use a cd recorder to play music it is the philips cdr796. is it any good compared to other 250-350pound dedicated players... would you upgrade the player or buy a amp first. thanks for your views.



I have a Yammy RX-V650, so mine is the same as yours, just a year younger! I use it mainly for playing stereo music, and for that I use a DVD-S557 dvd spinner, also by Yamaha. Because of the fact I missed out on some detail (some..yeah right!) I figured that a good dedicated CD player does make it better, so I bought a used Cambrigde Audio 640C. The difference is just amazing!

Back to your question: your amp is allright for stereo, coupled with a good CD player and a pair of good speakers, it'll do a good job at stereo music. For about 200 pounds you'll get a dedicated amp that will be of the same quality, or better... but then, you won't have the functionality and options you have now with the yammy. I would considering upgrading the source sooner as the amp.


cheers mate im glad you said that, i prefer replacing the cd player as a new amp would mean new stand as no space left. thanx