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Aug 10, 2019
Hey there guys, needing to pick your brains i own a nad 325 stereo amp 320 cd player with audioquest cables, running through a set of B&W 685 which sound sweet! problem is that at the time when i bought the setup there was a shortage of 685's so i bought 2 sets, i would like to use my second set as they've been standing in their box for nearly 4 years now! As my amp doesnt cater for 2 sets of speakers, i've tried using a nad 355 (Which didnt sound as great) and a cambridge tropaz (which didnt quite deliver the sound i wanted either). I now decided to purchase a Nad 747 av amp but the sound is not as full as i expected, should the amp still have to play in? this a good amp for what i want to do ( listen to both sets simutaneosly)?.........or should i just stick to stereo sound as thats what my eardrums are craving?.........any feedback will do.. :quest:


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Nov 23, 2007
Listening to two sets of speakers at the same time with a stereo signal from a stereo amp rarely works well in my experience. If you are happy with the sound of the C325BEE with the single pair of 685s then I'd stick with that. It is a combination I had here for a week or so some time ago (I home auditioned 685s when I had a C325BEE) and it is a very very good combination for very reasonable outlay.

If you have no use for the second set of 685s don't compromise your system just for the sake of using them. They still fetch good money on the second hand market so why not just sell them? It isn't as if there is a shortage now - it is a top selling speaker with plentiful availability.


I would sell your second set of B&Ws, you might be able to use the money to buy a nad power amp which should give a tighter grip on your speakers.


thanx for the reply guys!...what about the Nad 747? should i just send it back? also can you explain the bit about a power amp? The second set would be purely for another room, kind of a multi-room setup but purely for can i make it work?


hey there matthew! thanx for the advice, but could you please advice me as to which amp i should use to try an make a multi-room setup? My previous thread read that i wanted to run both sets of speakers simutaneosly, but what i failed to mention is that they're not in the same room....i often have friends over for a braai(a barbeque outside South Africa) and find myself having to blast the system from the lounge thru to the yard where they guys usually sit with a beer. Its farely rare that the ladies join us at the fire, so i always need music inside. My fireplace is a sealed inclosure farely similar to the lounge so i would like to be able to entertain and listen to good music in both areas.....oh yes did i mention that i often use my mac as a music source? Once again any advice would do, as most of the retailers here refuse to give any unless you willing to spend first.

p.s your setup sounds really sweet! good on you


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May 7, 2010
Hi, I don't think av amps are the way to go with stereo use. I would look for a different integrated amplifier with 2 sets of speakers outputs. For example, Onkyo TX8050, Yamaha AS-500, both of which should have plenty of power to run two sets of speakers. Rotel RA1520 might be worth a look in combination with the B&W 685's. Hope this helps.



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