Stereo amp for Dali Lektor 6 speakers???


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Aug 10, 2019
I recently started looking at getting a nice hifi system for the new house. Previously just used an all in one home cinema system or computer speakers etc.

I saw the denon m38 and q acoustics 2010 but then decided to push boat out a bit more and get a dedicated amp and speakers for future compatibility.

I saw some ex display Dali Lektors for a fair price and read the review which sounded good enough for me and I picked these up for about £350So ive now decided to go for an amp and was wondering what you'd suggest?

previously ive looked at a Cambridge audio 550a and yamaha as500I have a budget of around £300 and don't mind spending a lot less and buying used or spending the £300 ish on a used amp etc.

Ive been looking at some of the nad amps on eBay like the c320bee. Would this be an ok match and be powerful enough to drive the speakers?

If you could give me a few ideas for amps new and used that would be great. ( I like the idea of spending money on something a little older that was more expensive when new and is therefore higher quality)

Many Thanks


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Nov 17, 2009
I used to have these speakers when I lived in a bigger apartment. Went along very well with my PM8003. Dunno wether anyone has had them with the PM6003 which is around your budget


thanks for the input! I've seen a Creek Evolution Amp (original) for £275. would this be a good buy?


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