Stay with Onkyo or safer with Denon


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Aug 10, 2019
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Just bought an Onkyo TX-SR605 Receiver and have a Sony KDL-46W2000 TV.

I was about to acquire a Denon 1940 DVD player for £180, when I saw that Onkyo had a DVD player DV-SP405 for £150 (not the 504). Chatted in store and they recommended the SP405 and to use the saving to get better connects. Can't find anything on the net on the SP405.

Will the two Onkyo pieces work better together (sum of the parts etc....) than the Onkyo Rec and the Denon DVD?

I guess I'd assume that the reciever will take care of the sound so what really matters is the picture? Does this neutralise the Denon strengths?

So I bought the connects!

But am now unsure whether to go with the store recommendation (the Onkyo) or heed the wise words from the team in December's 'Test Express' and go for the Denon. (I know it had the 504 tested, but not the 405). Also the Denon is now down in price from the test (250 to 180).

Cheers all, any views / experience / test reviews would be most welcome.


Unfortunately not. They used to have a sound room, now converted in to a store room.

Price tag = box shifter, with some knowledge.


RIght. Took your advice both - Thanks.
Went out and bought both the Onkyo SP405 £150 and the Denon 1940 £180.
Wow... don't panic - can take one of them back and get refund! That's Richer Sounds for you.

So with the Mrs away on a Santa run to family in Devon, I sat down this pm and tested them both.

Started with Charlie and Choco (latest) - the choco river run:
Then Lord of the rings opening sequence and scene 2 - lots happening in the opening and rich colours in Sc2:
Onto House of flying daggers from Scene 2, then into the echo and beans scene. then to the fight scene:
Finally Tim Burtons Corpse Bride last scene, (well and the bit with the flames).

Felt the Onkyo held up with the Denon in terms of picture, in fact almost felt I saw more with the Onkyo. Colours slightly brighter.
Sound however is Denon's home ground and whilst the Onkyo was good, the Denon was better, gave the movies presence, deinition, clarity.... Spine tingling clarity. The cat lept up when the all the beans were flung at the drums in House of Flying D's, mind you I did as well!

The Denon (you were right).
Still feel the Onkyo has the edge on picture, but the sound quality and clarity is much better.... and lets face it the ears give the eyes that added context, making the Denon a better, more complete offering.
Can never go back to cheapo DVD and Telly now!

You see what happens after a few hours of owning some proper home Cine kit!!

Thanks for your help. Off now to pack up the Onkyo... Was a good second place though...... maybe for the bedroom?.........


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