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Nov 11, 2010
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I posted a few days ago about some Dali speakers, I didn't bother with them in the end I managed to get some old Heybrook HB2 speakers instead.

I'm now after a turntable, there are so many on hifi sellers sites and Ebay to choose from!

So are there a couple of reasonably priced-sub £75 bracket-turntables that you could recommend please-or isn't that price realistic?

Thanks in advance!


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Pioneer PL12D or Sansui SR-222 or Dual CS505-4. Any of these will give you great performance for your cash. Just make sure you buy from someone who knows how to pack a turntable correctly, with the platter and counterweight removed from the turntable and packed seperately. If they don't do this the turntable will arrived smashed to smitherines. Also budget for a replacement stylus for any deck you buy as a worn stylus will damage your vinyl.


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