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Squeezebox Touch, maybe?

Fisherking 145

New member
Jan 11, 2010
Recently bought an HP Data Vault, and have started to move my music collection onto it, with the idea of making it easier to access. Just started to re-rip my CD's to FLAC, but have many more in Apple Lossless on there at the moment, as well as some MP3's, which is causing a nightmare for the built in iTunes server, but that's another problem. After downloading the HP iStream App for my phone, I was very disappointed to find it hardly plays any music files, and certainly none of the formats my music is in. However, I already have the PlugPlay App, and this plays all the file types I have my music in. Anyway, getting on, I have been experimenting bluetoothing my music, via the app, to my receiver, and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

What I was wondering was , would getting a Squeezebox Touch be a marked improvement on the above set up? If more info is required to help answer my question, please ask. Also, does anybody have any experience of using an HP Home Server? Sure could do with some advice on how to get the best out of it.



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Nov 29, 2007
no ideas about you current thing.

but yes the touch provides great sound as it. plays FLAC files. best to run the full squeezebox server on the NAS if you can as the lite version on it is very lite.

the iPhone has a great App in iPeng for the sqeezeboxes.



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