SQueezebox Duet or something else???


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all.

I currently has a NAS which I run Squeezebox server from (it's installed on the NAS).

This is used to stream to both a squeezebox boom and also a Roku soundbridge.

I'm looking to add another player which will form part of my hifi setup (rotel pre/power amps and mission silver RX6s)

I'm happy with the squeezebox approach and was looking to but the Duo set but wonder if anyone has any other sugestions - my budget is up to around £200 - £250.

I used to run Twonky but the Boom wouldn't work with it and therefore I'm running everything from squeezebox now.

I'm not sure the NAS would cope with another media server being installed and therefore I'm of the view I stick with the Squeezebox stable of products but am open to suggestions.

I would prefer the remote of the Due rather than the in situ touch screen of the Touch but wonder how else they differ?

Many thanks.


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I would not bother with the Duo.

the touch is a whole setp up the DACs are that good you would need to spend a lot on a separate DAC to get an improvement.

if you have a smart phone that can do the same as the Duo hand set but better. the Touch will also do Spotify with a Squeezebox official add on rather than a 3rd party one.

I also have a roku and a SB3 along with the touch. never use the touch screen either the remote or the phone.


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Mar 8, 2009
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Yep, avoid the Duet Receiver it's completely obsolete.

You could pick up a Classic of t'Bay for £100 or so, and a Duet Controller for about the same; it works with all players BTW so could be used with your existing Boom and the SB3.


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