Spotify's subscription rejig could be great news for budget-conscious music fans


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Apr 4, 2024
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Spotify have never said they're considering High Res. It's CD Quality Lossless we can expect, eventually.

I was cool with the increase to £11 but another rise to £12 (it's £11.99) is plain unreasonable.

Audiobooks are nice but I'll only use them occasionally.

The audio quality is still terrible compared to Amazon Music and Tidal's extensive CD Quality Lossless and High Res catalogue.

Spotify badly needs to bring out a cheaper music/podcasts only tier. For me I know it's only £1 more but £12 is asking more for niche services.

I've switched to Tidal for the most part and am considering do I need Spotify for the Discover Weekly playlist and Audiobooks. I've had Spotify Premium for over a decade but it's definitely on notice.

You can get Podcasts for free with apps like Pocket Casts.

I had Amazon Music for 6 months untill Tidal dropped their pricing. It's fine I suppose but the app is slow and basic. Now Tidal is the same price is a lot better.

Apple makes it nearly impossible to actually listen to their High Res without a cable. Their Apple TV boxes don't support it and AirPlay is Lossy.
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Apr 21, 2021
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This article is hilarious. Even Spotify doesn’t know what it wants to do. Apple then Tidal have stolen their lunch money.
Spotify is being outmaneuvered every year . They are pathetic.
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Terry Webb

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Feb 10, 2020
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I have been subscribing to Spotify for some years now and when I started my sub's it was for the music There was no extras back then and I was happy with the just music arrangement. Now it's videos, podcasts, audiobooks and what appears to be another add-on "courses". I don't need or want any additional add-ons. So please, Mr Ek, just a music only option would be nice.


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