Spotify and Upsampling


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I experimented with the PC soundcard settings, which is a Realtek High Definition, though which one I have not yet managed to find, which can be set to various bit depth and sample rates for shared use (which is how spotify works using the windows mixer). It was set to 16/48 by defal from new, but when I switched to 16/44.1, 24/92 and 24/192 it had a marked effect, opening the sound up, and smoothing the top end.

With the DACmagic I notice that is automatically upsamples to 192kHz, which you cannot switch off apparently, so am going to play around with the settings when I have time, but am uncertain what would theoretically be the ideal settings - i.e. let the PC card to the upsampling, or the DAC? The soncard and windows will interfere anyway, whatever rate is set (obviously the one that sound the best is the best, but there must be some science behind it).

Makes no difference on J River, as it receives the data in native rates.


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