Welcome to the forum. Not to sure where you are in the world. Are there any dealers in your area? If so what speaker brands do they stock? You just need to look through previous threads on this forum there are numerous posts asking the same question as yourself.
There are heaps to choose from, as already said. A current WHF favourite is here:-


But it depends what you can buy and your local prices (if not in UK), where you are putting them and what you listen to. The good news is that this sector has the best speakers for the money ever made, and you'd be very unlucky to get a bad pair. Do try to listen to a few before deciding.
sriramrm said:
Hi, I am planning to get Denon d-m38 cd receiver..could you please let me know a good matching speakers under 200 pounds? Thnx Sriram

Hi sriramrm

If you can stretch your budget then Monitor Audio's BX2 speakers (RRP £250/pair) are worth a look as the DM38 system works well with BX2's :)

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Jun 27, 2008
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We have a number of models in this price point, and generally, people tend to choose the Monitor Audio Bronze as they're the most neutral, balanced budget speakers - BX1's usually for those who want something compact, or the BX2's for those who want a 'bigger' sound, which is a little more effortless. The Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's are liked by those who like a bit of bass, and the Mission MX1's for those who want something in between.

They all have their own signature though, so it's best to pop along to a dealer where you can have a listen to a few and find a pair that suit your music/ears/taste etc.
krazy_olie said:
Piggybacking the topic here, but of the £200ish lot are there any to avoid/favour for close to wall positioning.

Once again there are plenty of posts already on this forum regards your question. Basically it comes down to the volume you usually listen to your speakers at as most, if not all, in this price range are ported in some way. The usual thinking is that you would not choose any with a rear-facing port if you intend using them close to a wall. This, however, is not always the case as I have found some, such as my old Tannoy 11L's actually benefited from a bit of rear wall bass reinforcement. I'd just try and audition as many as you can before deciding - as its all very much a case of personal taste.


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