speakers for ipod/other mp3 players and discmen etc - any advice?


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Aug 10, 2019

I've just got a job abroad and need a small speaker system/ipod dock to take with me in my suitcase. I'll be travelling quite a bit, so need one that's small and light (less than 800g if poss). I don't want to lose out on sound quality tho', so would rather not get the most compact speakers if i can get better quality for a few cms and grams more! I like lots of different music (some very bass-heavy) and want some speakers that can fill a room. I have an ipod photo, but want speakers with a 3.5 line in as well as (or even instead of) an ipod dock for a discman and connecting up friends' non-apple mp3 players.

Funds are limited and I need one for under £80. So far, I've been looking at the logitech mm50 and the altec im 3,4,5 and 11. Which do you think gives best sound quality without being too bulky? Or perhaps there is an alternative make/model within my budget you'd recommend? Any advice would be great!

Cheers, Kate

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Hi Kate,

Logitech MM50's your best bet - and there are some real deals to be had now Logitech's announced the Pure Fi Anywhere replacement (which sadly is back up to the MM50's original, £100 price).

I travel loads, too, and take the mm50 everywhere - ideal go-anywhere entertainment. Will charge your Pod, too, so you don't have to carry a separate charger,only the plug for the mm50. It's not got the deepest of bass - no travel speaker does - but it's a fun listen and goes way louder than many rivals....

All that plus a carry case and remote control - in case you feeling really lazy!


IMO, nothing beats JBL ON STAGE II when it comes to compact iPod docks. Phenomenal sound for the size. Very high on VFM. Comes with an RF remote. What else would you ask for. Do take a listen.