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Aug 10, 2019
Hi pluto and igglebert very interesting comments on the speakers I was considering too namely spendor A6, PMC FB1i,I was also considering the Pro AC 140, both your comments were enlightening.

Personally I have always found Cyrus bright even the new ones and feel they can be a bit relentless over a period of listening, so it is essential to find a smooth loudspeaker, also as the cyrus is very detailed and also the spendor you dont wont to find half your collection is unplayable due to the detail showing up minor recording flaws.

Will keep reading your conclusions thanks for the info, by the way that dealer seems to be very good .


Totally agree with your observations on Cyrus kit and the amount of detail that a system can resolve. I've been playing with the idea of upgrading a Quad 405 to a very high spec but am rather concerned about the comments of how detailed it becomes! It seems hard to find an amp for reasonable money that does detail, punch and rhythm. The comments of the new MF A1 have got me listening but the low sensitivity of the Spendor speakers worries me, especially when you input a low gain signal from, say, a TV. An audition I think!

floyd droid

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Sep 5, 2008
We will all champion our own brand of speaker i guess.......... Over the past few weeks ive demmed (through my set up i add) the A6s monitor audios GS20s ,both i found tireing in no time at all. B&Ws cm7 are not too bad,actualy to my ears much better than the forementioned. Then it was vienna acoustics beethoven baby grands turn,very nice indeed well worth a dem as they anihilate the others and you may get a good deal pushing your top limit. But...... give focal a try you may just like them,my 826s fall into your price bracket easy peasy,smooth sound and not in your face,they dont go super duper low in the bass dept but low enough if your room mode is good. Since tuesday ive had the Electra 1027be in residence,gorgeous sound, they do it all soooooo well. Double your price range and mine untill i plumbed them in. Negotiations start tomorrow and to hell with it !!!.



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