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Aug 10, 2019
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HI all, First time post.

I have recently decided to get back into Hi-Fi again. Used to have Audiolab gear, but eneded up chopping it all in for a small surround system.

Have been looking at the second hand market and have obtatined an:

Arcam Alpha 7 Amp

Arcam Alpha 8 Power Amp

Arcam Alpha 7 SE CD Player

Looking to upgrade speakers (Mission 773) which are Bi Wired.

My Qestion: I have selected three Speakers but need some advice on which may be the better match.

Looking at 1) B&W DM603 S3 2) KEF Q Series iQ5 3) Monitor Audio RS6

Cheers All

Having owned the Alpha 7R I can strongly recommend MA RS6s. The two synergise so well, and still have the same speakers with the Leema.

The Kef IQ5 auditioned with the RS6s, and although good, didn't have the wow factor. B&W are also very good with Arcam, however, the amp - only 40 watts per channel - may struggle if you need to crank the dial.

My preferred choice with Arcam is as follows:

RS6, Focal 714V, PMC GB1s, Usher and MonoPulse 32S (the GB1s and MonoPulse may not be within your budget).


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